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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
You can usually identify those on a cruise who attended one of the wine tasting seminars. They are the ones who are swirling their glasses and solemnly sticking their noses in the glass before every sip. Frankly I prefer tasting beers since it is easier to identify if they are hoppy or malty, or chocolatey for stouts. Plus beer drinkers are generally less pretentious than wine snobs.
People who like wine might go to a wine tasting on a cruise just to find out what's being offered. And for those of us who are in top tiers of the frequent cruiser clubs, they're free anyway, so why not go? Believe it or not, some of us have actually understood the basics of wine for decades; we know what swirling the wine accomplishes and doesn't accomplish; we're not snobs, we don't stick our noses in the air. Most of all, we don't care what you think about us, nor do we care that you like beer, and we don't engage in value judgments about you because you do.
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