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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Well all one can really check is to see if the wine is "off" or "corked" & it can still be corked if it is screw top or maybe draft's a fungus. A myth of course is you are trying it to see if you like it...nope.. you ordered it if you don't like it tough!
My wine story is.. my wife didn't like wine, we were at a restaurant & she was asked by one of our table why not...she said she just didn't like wine...well one of our party was a wine expert who asked her questions about tastes & flavours she liked, ordered a bottle of wine & my wife loved it!!
Many, many years ago I was young 24 or 25 year old IT tech and I was out to fix some system issues that Citibank of New York was having. Our head of client services was also with me. She was there to smooth some feathers and make the client happy. I was there to fix the problem. Happily, I did fix the problem within a few hours.

That evening our client services rep decided she would take the Senior VP and VP out for dinner at a very nice restaurant. I cannot remember the name but at that stage of my life it was the nicest restaurant I had ever been to. The client services rep ordered wines for all but she made sure everyone knew that she was a wine expert and would choose the perfect wines for dinner. The sommelier brought the first bottle and she went through the routine: Swirl, Sniff, Taste. She then proclaimed that the wine was not up to standard and asked for a different bottle. She did this about four or five time. At the end of the meal she received the check and the look on her face was "interesting" to say the least. She excused herself from the table and then came back about ten minutes later and had looked as mad as a hornet. She did graciously end the evening with the Citibank folks and then we proceeded back to our hotel. I asked why she looked so mad. She responded: "Those a**- hol** charged me for every bottle of wine I sent back because they tasted them and they were fine. So she was charged for the wine we drank plus the rejected wine. The total bill was over $1,500 for four people. This was around 1980. Her biggest concern was that the expense would be denied on her expense report and, sure enough, it was. She had to eat half of the charge.

A number of years later when I became a bit more worldly I realized that she didn't know brix from bricks or a Bordeaux from a Beaujolais. However, I don't think she ever sent wine back again.

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