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Here is a little item that may surprise some:

Rolex has the trademark rights to their watches and this extends to their exclusive rights as importer into the U.S. This was done to try and reduce the counterfeit market. According to Customs, each person is allowed to 'hand carry' one Rolex watch into the country legally. If you have two or more, the others can be confiscated. Now, my understanding is they mean a watch you purchased outside the U.S. But how to prove it if you happen to have more than one Rolex with you when you board the ship, and you actually bought them in the U.S.? I used to carry two of my Rolex watches with me on cruises - one for formal wear and one for casual - but I stopped doing so a couple years ago when I learned of this 'rule'. I don't have the sales receipts and am not going to start carrying proof of purchase around for valuable objects.
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