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Good morning everyone:

Donna, my best to Emma. Has she been diagnosed with heart problems before? I know she has some health issues.

I forwarded your pictures of Griffin and she said that it probably is not ringworm but an allergic reaction to some sort of bug, flea or tick bites. Take him in to make sure it isn't tick bites.

I worked my rear off yesterday. Betty had decided that Roundup would get rid of some crabgrass and dandelions that had popped up on the lawn. Well: It worked but not before it destroyed the lawn. I spent most of yesterday pulling up the dead spots (and there was a lot of them) putting in new soil and re-seeding. The best part was that when she was spraying she didn't know that the nozzle was leaking so it dribbled and killed the grass as she walked from one spot to the next. Oh well: As Cheech and Chong said: "It's only grass".

Today is still a mystery. We take our grandson home around 11:00 a.m. so he can go to a family cook-out with his parents. After that I don't know what mischief Betty and I will come up with. Maybe some naughty vacuuming or "dirty dusting".

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and wonderful Memorial Day.

Take care,
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