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I think we need to use our common sense here, too. The example of the McDonald's coffee case always fails to mention that she won because the workers had let the coffee machine turn off, so the coffee was cold. When the woman ordered coffee, an employee put it in the microwave for several minutes. It was boiling hot. That's why she won. It was not a simple burn.
That said, I do agree that we are lawsuit crazy these days.
A good friend was rear-ended late one night. He was completely sober and stopped at a light. (A musician on his way home from a gig.) The woman who hit him hit hard enough that his truck rolled 3 times into a ditch. When the police came, she admitted to them that she was very drunk. He had a broken neck. But, a lawyer got ahold of the woman and she sued our friend. I have no idea what she claimed....maybe that he was in her way? She did not win, thankfully, but the whole thing was outrageous and very stressful for him and his wife.
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