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Thanks for feeling my pain Kuki! Yes I do take full responsibility for leaving my ipod, even let hubby offthe hook! I am just disappointed with the treatment I got after the fact. Finally received a callback from the supervisor this morning who had nothing more to add, she was unaware of the promises her staff made prior to her phone call so I was left with more empty promises that she would have them to follow up immediately, but its been 4 hours. I'd like to just stop dealing with them on this issue but I need a report for my insurance and rccl, next suggested course of action is to file criminal charges, that is pretty surprising
To me that they would wish to handle this in this manner. I would think there would be a better recourse? I mean isn't filing charges with the police a bit pointless and a waste of our local tax payer money, and I am local. My personal information is on that iPad, I am concerned about that info being I'm the wrong hands. If I wipe it out with the find app, it will also delete the app Nd no longer be able to be located, real catch 22. I am just not sure how to proceed.

And yes, my mom still held on the phone for almost 2 hours to book us on the Quantum, the day diamond plus members were able to do advance bookings, same day I was getting the run around about the IPad....I guess I'm still gonna go, seeing as how I'm not paying for it, lol! ;-). Oh the hardship
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