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Default Wish I could find another male friend to cruise with.

Originally Posted by ednotmilkman View Post
Hi HB,

You could also ask to go with another like minded man and agree beforehand to help each other avoid doing things your wife would be hurt by if she knew.

That would make it even easier to find and befriend other ladies, as lots more women travel with their girlfriend. So two guys that are friends kinda helps prove that you are safe instead of "on the prowl" and 2 on 2 introductions are easier than 1 on 1 or 1 on 2, IMO.

I've cruised with 4 other guys, even though 2 of them were enough different than me that we didn't stick together except for dinner. One wasn't even interested in befriending anyone much.
I would prefer to share costs and cruise with a male friend but all my friends are married like I am and if they are into cruising (most are not) it is with the wife. I did cruise once with a another male and we only saw each other in the morning. I dislike appearing to be "on the prowl" when all I want is to get out on the dance floor and enjoy the music. That is why a female cruise partner that I can simply have some fun with on the cruise would be ideal. It really isn't at all about sex as far as I'm concerned. It is about having fun on the ship and making new friends.
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