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Good morning Donna, Manuel and all who follow.

My horrific computer issues should be corrected shortly. I have my laptop back and will hopefully this weekend, get my older PC back. Then, this newer one which has so many pop-up ads I can't even really use it, will go back to Asheville with Susan's son Tyler to itself be stripped and reformulated or whatever geeks do to computers.

I'm still hanging in there despite the crippling pain and the fact that for all intents and purposes am confined to a wheel chair about 85% of the time. I can't wait until Monday when I have my appointment with my neuro surgeon in Knoxville. My niece DeAnna is coming over on Sunday evening and will chauffeur me to and from Knoxville as my P.A., Susan, has to insure that a local retail business is prepared "bookwise" for the week's operation.

I'm hoping that there is something that can be done aside from merely pain management but I'm prepared for the worst news as my situation appears to be almost identical to an individual's whom I know who cannot be helped other than with just pain management. Matter of fact, she firmly believes my situation is far more troubling than her's. Whatever, I just refuse to be a cripple (uh oh, there's that politically incorrect term again but since, as Pogo used to say, "I ARE one!" I reserve the right...).

I was alerted on my cell phone earlier last evening to seek immediate shelter from a tornado. Almost simultaneously Susan called and told me the same thing. She said not to take any chances but to get down the basement. I reminded her that to do what would ordinarily be a simple task, for me involved some various serious issues. I told her if we were hit, I'd wave as I flew over the town.

Hope everyone has a wonderful TGIF and following weekend. At least we're supposed to have gorgeous weather today through, I think, Sunday.

Prayers and a request for Blessings upon all continue unabated.

'Til next time, I remain,

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