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Default Anyone unhappy with Carnival Pride?

Took a Family Vacation (6) People , Took almost 8 thousand Dollars from us just to be thrown off the Basketball Court by their employees that wanted to play soccer.The employee's were dressed in street clothes, took the Basketball off of our children just so that they can play Soccer. BULLING OUR CHILDREN and other children that wanted to have FUN on their Vacation! When talked to the Supervisors and Security, we were offered a bottle of wine with Dinner and a round of free drinks for our Children. Come to find out from other staff there, it was common knowledge that there are a " Bunch Of Italian's " that play Soccer every night. Which by the way, when my sister and I approached them, they acted as if they DO NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH , and took their (2) goal nets to lock them in a stationary ship door that they have keys for. Which is how we figured out that they were employees ! NICE, Pay that much money for Carnival Employees to BULLY our Children while they are trying to have fun on their Family Vacation!
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