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I will weigh in here - a lot has been said by cruise journalists and travel agents about "how Carnival operates."

A lot of assumptions have been made regarding changes in scheduling of regular maintenance on the ships. Some people have implied they know that Carnival cut back on regularly scheduled maintenance.

However - I wouldn't personally presume to know more about the cruise line fleet than the CEO himself knows. I doubt that any competent CEO would purposely take a chance on PR disasters like Triumph.

The fact that Carnival stepped up after the incident and agreed to spend $.5-billion to add spare generators to the entire fleet after the incident does not sound like a company that is only interested in making money now to me.

It is entirely possible that Carnival was just a victim of bad luck, and also under the press microscope for every little thing that could go wrong. Yes, Gerry Cahill did not handle Triumph well from a PR perspective, but that is different from saying they don't maintain their ships.

As for Micky, I think he was ready to lessen his responsibilities, at the burnout point, and the timing was right since he seemed to be a personal target for some senators, etc. Sometimes the public puts a person in a position where they can do no right, and little errors get magnified. I personally think it is anything but objective reporting to treat an individual that way, but it does attract an audience. People love to embarrass other people.

As for Felix - just like I wouldn't draw conclusions based upon appearances in the Carnival case, I also wouldn't do it for a travel agent. Felix knows his clientele the best, so let's not judge how he runs his business based solely upon what we think is proper. Not all TAs are the same.
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