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Kuki - perhaps my wording is a bit harsh. I don't feel you can really change anyone's mind if it is their cruiseline of choice, but I do believe each and everyone should be given the pros and cons of any cruiseline. And yes, I will say to anyone who wants to book Carnival, "are you sure that's what you want?" then proceed to tell them of the problems Carnival have had recently. I feel I owe it to my clients to do that.

As for the manner in which they treat TA's, no, they haven't reached their own people. We have one person in our office known as the "Carnival Queen". However she no longer books Carnival groups for the terrible lack of co-operation and the fact that Carnival has been calling her groups.

I also know some TA's that will refer people to other TA's rather than book Carnival.

I'm not affiliated with American Express in answer to your question.

I also see I don't have my Carnival cruise in my list - I've sailed them once, on the Triumph. I had a group of first timers.
Dec. 13 - Windstar sailing yacht. Wonderful!!

Just completed - Celebrity Reflection, Nov. 22 (learning to sail solo) followed by Independence of the Seas Nov. 30.

44 cruises - too many to list however cruiselines are in no particular order:

and some unknown tub

Yes, I'm a Royal Chump and proud of it.

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