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Default Reading Any Good Books Lately?

I realize I have been absent from this board for awhile, but I missed the thread where we exchange recommendations for books to take on our cruise to read

Bending Towards Justice by Gary May..the history of how the 1965 Voting Rights Act came about...very timely in light of the recent Supreme Court decision and the role of how Chief Justice John Roberts achieved in that ruling what he tried to do when he work in the Justice Department in the 80's...fascinating read

After watching a segment on 60 minutes, I purchased The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber, about a mass murderer...incredible how he got away with it for so long

Divided We Fail by Sarah Garland...the Supreme Court ruled on the 2007 Louisville School desegration case that ended "separate but equal" doctrine (and I thought that's what 1954 Brown vs Board of Education did)

What are you reading these days?
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