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Well, the thread seems about to die, so I thought I'd do a tally.

As of this writing there are 417 views, from which only 17 people answered the question. I find this amazing in itself. . .so much lurking, so little posting. And I think the view count is unduplicated, but Mike or somebody will tell me for sure.

Of the 17, only six are "cruise only," and the rest indicate some sort of mix.

If there's a theme, it is that rock-bottom price seems to be the determining factor in many cases.

I didn't give my view at the beginning, but we're clearly in the "mix it up" category. Probably fewer than half of our pleasure trips are on ships, even though we enjoy them very much. We're close to Mike's mindset. . .go lots of places and get to know lots of people and hopefully a little about what makes them tick.

Anyway, certainly not enough data here to conclude much of anything. Really a shame that so many people won't post simple answers to simple questions
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