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Nancy, I've never really understood why they consider the A1A strip of hotels downtown, but...if you go to can see the winning bids for different hotels and time frames.

Three hotels that I know that usually come up with 4 star are Pier 66, The Ren, but, when I did it, and won, it was not the A1A location. it was up off 95. Convenient still, because we rent a car. I have stayed at both. The other hotel has been, the Embassy Suites,on A1A. I'll try and look at the map and see, and get back to you.

Remember too, you are staying there in high season, as was my stay in March of last year, so call the hotel directly, not the 1800 #, and ask for price. Prices shocked me.

Now that the Allure and Oasis, 2 huge ships, in addition to all the others on weekends, the Lauderdale airport is very crowded. Post cruising could work out good, If you can fly out the followingt Monday, I think you will find it, it just normally busy

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