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Originally Posted by ednotmilkman View Post
Good luck Horatio,

but you'd do better if you would keep only the original thread and give us a bit more detail and a glimpse into what type person you are with each reply you make to the original.

Like why not spell out what iso is ? I have an idea what it is, but why make people guess. Unless you only want to appeal to txters and tweeters.

The biggest thing lacking of course is where you'd consider going, how long and in what price range.

Then, why would you care if you get an athletic cabin mate when you said, "can go our separate ways or do things together, if we find common interests." ?? Responding publicly to one of the posters who have already replied with a personal question "Can You Tell Me More about Your Brother-in-law?" also makes it sound like you are going to be the "picky" one.

And, from what port. There are so many from north to south.
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