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Originally Posted by big apple View Post
If you had tried the Olympic alternative restaurant you would have had an outstanding meal and just this week they received the award as the best alternative of all main line cruises Am elite and the same equivalent on Carnival and enjoy the food on both lines. Beats staying at home and we are now up to over 60 cruises thru the years and can find something nice about all of them and we did the 49 day Splendor around SA and was very impressed with all aspects of this extended cruise.
One of my best cruise memories was dining in the Olympic, shortly after Millennium came into the Celebrity fleet. It was one of the best meals I have had on land or sea. The service, food quality and ambiance were second to none.

Sadly, we sailed on Millennium last December and the Olympic experience was a great letdown, except for the mushroom risotto. Gone was the butterfly service, the table side lobster preparation was just bad. My wife had to send it back and order another entree. (The maitre 'd went overboard on the salt.) The service was "ok" for the venue but I have had equal or much better on other lines, The Sommelier wasn't too knowledgeable and tried to push expensive wines that really didn't pair with what we were eating. Nothing memorable other than the disappointment.

My last experience at the Steak House on Carnival Glory was much more gratifying.

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