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Originally Posted by NOS4A2 View Post

They've taken SO much away, they now have to offer bargain basement fares to get a bargain basement experience.

They've made it so easy to get out and try the other lines. And those coming back scratch their collective heads wondering why they put up with NO FRILLS for so long.

When CCL can getback the old experienceand reinventitself, like NCL did, I may be back. But while a low fare only gets me a 5 and dime experience, I'll pass.
Please do me a favor and explain what they have "taken away" because I am not aware of this. I guess I just don't understand the statement.

For example, NCL has reinvented itself, but a lot of people complain about all the added charges for food, the separate area for suite guests, long waits for shows, etc.

To me it seems Carnival has changed the least over the years - but I am willing to admit I may not be aware of everything they have done recently - so I would really appreciate you clarifying your statement about "taking things away" and a "5 & dime Experience"

Is the latter in reference to the new entertainment by any chance - because that does seem to be one of the biggest changes they have made; smaller shows, "game shows" in the main showroom, etc.
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