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Originally Posted by edrosado1 View Post
Already been on three times and the last time was the last. Carnival is fine as a ferry boat, but it just does not cut it anymore as a cruising line. Its now just a party ship similar to Celebration out of FLL. I believe,that when you get too big you begin to loose your grip.
I'am only evaluating Carnival and not the whole Corporation, HAL and Princess are doing fine. The ships are getting bigger and Carnival is neglecting passenger/space ratio. We feel like sardines inside a metal can.
Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion but your comment verified you probably have never cruised on Carnival as there is not even a shred of comparison between Carnival and celebration . Once again for all the people who say its a party ship I have yet to find this "party" not sure what your definition of party is.
I get some dont care for Carnival but let's not make up stuff just to make your view better. Any line that offers 3,4, or 5 day cruises will be a little more wild than one thats 7 days plus.

We all know what they say about oppinions
Not sure why people feel the need to knock others choice and insist their view is the right view, cruise and be happy!

TM....I don't think ZC was directing that toward you. I believe it was meant for the troll and the TA's who seem to have issues with Carnival and their commission .
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