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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
Just reviewing this thread and noticed where you, Venice, mentioned Bruce Morrow. It was '69 but before Woodstock that I helped a friend deliver furniture to Bruce's residence. If I remember correctly though I can't be positive, he lived at that time on Ocean Pkwy. in Brooklyn.

I do have a cute story about an incident that involved Morrow when he was a guest speaker at a function in Hyde Park (a couple of years before I went to New York) that involved the, at that time, manager of the one AM radio station in Hyde Park that I'll relate when I have more time.

The evening of the date in question I was in a gin mill on 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge.
Bruce Morrow aka Morowitz had a condo on Ocean Parkway as recently as 5 years ago.He may still own the apartment.
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