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Hi MsDestiny,

the CCL Breeze ship.. hmmmmph! While beautiful in all its "newness" I can't say that I was impressed. I felt like the new decorations although more adult, felt a little bit too adult. If that makes any sense.

The lido deck dining area(s) have been redesigned, they have trees and other things in the most odd of places which meant that most of the time I was walking around a tree, railing, or something that was not a great design idea.

Carnival ships need more pools. Carnival ships need more pools. Carnival ships need more pools!

My room (a balcony) was comfortable. The one thing I didn't remember from RCCL was the balcony door. RCCL has sliding doors, CCL has doors that open like a normal door which means; at night we can't turn off the AC and sleep with the ocean breeze or crashing waves.

The food was great on the Breeze. Guys Burger Joint is my favorite. I'm not a huge drinker so the new bars didn't appeal to me.

The Breeze although a really decent ship can not, does not and will not compare to the Oasis Class ships in any way.
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