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Default summer car was a 63 VW beetle with a hole in the floorboard and canvas sun roof that winter car for safety was a pink (with a white top) 63 Nash Rambler

I stood no chance to court the "fast " girls in high school because they only dated boys who drove 64 GTO's, 63 Vettes, 66 cameros and 67 Plymouth Roadrunners...the student parking lot had better cars then the teachers

I learned young in life that a male ego is tied into what type of car you drove and the good looking girls would only want to be seen on saturday nigjts in muscle cars with bucket seats

When I got my first real job out of college, I owned a 69 black VW beetle and a 1972 lime green Datsun 240Z...on first dates I showed up in my beetle..if the girl acted funny I would tell her I left something at home and return in my "Z"...very different reaction from the young lady

Those were the days
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