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Absolutely agree with that statement! It's like any other profession from doctors, lawyers, accountants, or mechanics - there are always a few great ones and a few terrible ones with a bunch of those who are just average.

As for the travel insurance, the same thing applies. We once had contracts with 5 vendors and fired 3 of them because their customer service was terrible. Two of those were among the biggest names in the business. So name and price are not the only thing to consider when purchase travel insurance. But the least desirable insurance are those provided by the cruise lines. It's almost always better to get independent insurance as they cover more and cost less, plus they provide cash reimbursement in all cases and not cruise credit as some of the insurance provided by the cruise lines offer.

But the most important advice about travel insurance is to make sure that, in fact, it is travel insurance and not travel protection. There is a big difference and it can end up costing you alot in the end.

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