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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
How about the loud person that wants to sell you something?
You hit that one on the head. One of the very few times in all my years of flying I had to get "nasty" with a seat mate was coming back from Fort Lauderdale. The person was coming back from a "Pampered Chef" convention. At first I was polite and listened to her sales pitch but after a few minutes I took the catalog and said I'll give you a call if there's something I like. A few minutes later she started on again about all the wonderful "stuff" they had. I just said "I'm going to try and nap and I'm not interested." About five minutes later she nudged me in the ribs and started again. I wasn't very nice and basically said: "I'm not buying your crap, so shut the **** up." She never said a word for the next three hours, until we landed at MSP. Then she said: "You didn't have to be so rude."

Maybe I was the worst person she ever sat next to.

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