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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I had a kid behind me last week that was just singing, chirping, chatting gibberish for four hours and the mom did nothing at all. She just sat there and acted like there was nothing wrong.

I will say Mom looked pretty tired so she could have been flying in from Russia or something, but the kids had plenty of energy. SO annoying.
Paul we had this coming back from Venice, Italy. The last flight was from Los Angeles to Sacramento it was at 11PM. We had been awake and flying for like 20 hours at this point. All we wanted to do on the last flight was sleep. But the mother was letting the toddler draw on the tray table and the toddler would emit high pitched laughs while pounding his little fists on the tray table. Which of course would shake my husband's seat. He asked politely if the child could not pound his fist on the tray table. The lady got snotty and said a least he isn't crying. Then to the child she said You have to stop drawing the man doesn't want you to do that. Accept she didn't make him and he never stopped. Longest hour and 15 minutes of my life. It's funny the longest flight Frankfurt to Los Angeles was a breeze. Everyone was nice and there was tons of space. Go figure.
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