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Originally Posted by xac14 View Post
Dear Cruisemates staff,

I have a crazy idea for my wedding which is to book out an entire cruise ship for 4-7days. I have no idea if this is possible or not but I was wondering if anyone knows where I could start to speak to either agents or the actual cruise lines themselves.

I would want a cruise ship of around 200-300 rooms and I want it to be luxury but also with a range of accommodation so that the guests have a choice of cabin prices.

I am thinking of cruising in the Mediterranean, specifically the greek islands and am hoping to plan it for summer of 2015.

Any ideas would be a great help.

Thanks very much
Regent Seven Seas Cruises does have a ship the size you are looking for each summer in the Med and they do full ship charters

Luxury Cruise Vacations from Regent Seven Seas Cruises

however, it is a single payer system; you have to pay for the entire ship. If you want to collect money from guests that is on your own.

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