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Yes there is a medical checklist of what we cardiologist (who is a huge jazz fan) has been nice enough to do some research with his counterparts in Capetown to make sure that my medical history will be available (on a "J" drive) in case of emergency and I am working with my health insurer and trip insurance carrier to make sure I am covered..interesting, for heart issues, South Africa has some of the best hospitals in the world

When they were in New Orleans, we threw them a 2nd Line Party and Crawfish Boil which they loved so I am confident they will reciprocate South African style..I love fresh seafood so I am certain I'll have plenty to choose from....I'm sure I will have some Capetown Gumbo

The love of New Orleans Jazz has proven to be the universal "welcome mat" in making friends all around the world for me...Hurricane Katrina only strengthen the friends are also intrigue about the connection between Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama and the challenges they faced from the opposition...they are taking us to Robben (sp) Island where Mandela was imprisoned for over 20 years, so this trip is special ...we are also going to go to several "juke joints" (jazz clubs) which are really 1 room homes where owners have "rent parties" with food and live jazz..

I think it's always better when possible to stay with local folks when one travels instead of hotels...adds another dimension
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