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Yep, and the same applies to every other insurance company out there and the same complaints can be found about all of the companies no matter which one you select. Besides, if you're looking at a complaint website, do you honestly think you're going to find people stating how satisfied they are with a product?

Plus, people are more apt to complain when something goes their way than they are to compliment when everything goes well. And alot of times people are trying to claim things that are not covered in the first place. I read many of these and this was very obvious. Several said they could not get a copy of the policy prior to purchasing it. Not only is this incorrect, but copies are readily available not only on their website, but directly through the agents.

I'm not saying every situation is perfect nor that problems don't exist. But anyone who has file any time of insurance claim for any reason (auto, house, health, etc.) knows the roadblocks all of these companies put in the way - not just travel insurance. They are huge number of complaints for every type of insurance.

But as I said, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers and only a few complaints, the facts speak for themselves. Some complaints should not deter people from purchasing travel insurance because the overwhelming number of claims are handled satisfactorily. I've been doing this for 11-1/2 years and personally have never gotten any complaints. So while there are always going to be some problems, the majority are very satisfied.

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