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Good morning all:

Today is a "take it easy" day around here. My sister is off getting her hair done, my BIL is watching some cowboy movie and the dogs are sleeping at my feet. Too bad I'll have to wake them up in about five minutes when I get out of this chair.

Betty is having a great time in Paris. Her and my daughter took the stairs up, as far as you can, to the top of the Eifel tower. I guess it was over 600 steps and she loved the view. They also walked the Champs D Elysee (Wow, I spelled it right on the first try) and saw the Arch D Triomphe. Today, it's The Louvre. The hotel they have doesn't have very good Internet so I've only had a couple of messages from her. They are "winging" it across France and Germany and I guess the hotel they got in Paris is pretty nice for $260/night. Betty said it's convenient to the Metro and they have a full two room suite. Betty had to sleep on the sofa but she said it was comfortable.

I hope everyone has a great day. Stay dry Donna.

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