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News Conference starting now at the BBC site in the article - unfortunately the Italian is drowning out the english translation but I can isolate it pretty well.

They have reached 12 degrees, and plan to work through the night. (they originally said 10 hours). At 24 degrees they will switch from using cables to using ballast. The had only minor problems with four cables - the original delay was caused by the weather.

Questions.... answers

. How will you work through the night? They will use the necessary lights to keep operating through the night, which are already in place.

. Four cables were causing problems in what way? The four cables were on the sponsons - the cables get shorter as the tension gets tighter, and the problem was that the extra cable no longer under tension was getting in the way.

. Why did you estimate 10-12 hours? - Murphy's law, technical issues slowed down the project (cables).

. What is climate in control room - why was it assembled after the storm? The "climate is that there are many professionals doing their jobs, no emotional involvement.

. How is the ship behaving in physical aspect? It is the best possible physical form, it is coming up as a singular piece, which is exactly what we were hoping to see.

. Still no "plan B?". This is not the point - we are accomplishing what we originally planned - why ask about circumstances that are not occurring? We went through very detailed pre-planning and I cannot document it all now, but the plan was approved and it is working. If there is a problem we need to be able to solve it - we did solve the one problem we had (cables) with the people on hand - no special extraordinary measures were taken, - We have one plan and it is working. When we finish the operation tomorrow we will be able to say it is over - but I don't think it is useful to document what could go wrong.

. Why are you sitting there acting as if no problems ever happen? This is a friend of mine from Giglio (laughs)

. It is clear that the operation will take time - so do you have an idea when this will end, by dawn tomorrow morning? yes, we will be done by dawn.

. Is the Minister of the Environment coming? He called, and he is coming but is not here yet.

It is going to be a long night, so we will come back with the latest news.
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