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President Fearmonger

First – let me say I know our health care system is broken, but I do not agree that Obamacare has been “working” – so far it has caused a lot of people to lose health care (there are lists of companies; Costco, Starbucks, etc) who say that can’t afford the legal obligation to cover so many people. Many people have had their hours cut back so they don’t qualify. Many people have not been hired by small businesses who have to stay under the 50 employee minimum not to have to comply with Obamacare.

But so far the Democrats have shown NO willingness to negotiate how Obamacare will be implemented, and I have not seen a thing that says it is a good model. But this last incident of “my way or the highway” by Obama is just too much.

This is something like the 76th shutdown in 30 years (big deal). It's how our system works. But JUST LIKE THE SEQUESTER - Obama is now trying to inflict the most pain on the American people as possible - and blame the Republicans. Right now he is actually talking down the stock market by instilling fear in our people about the very thing he was hired to fix - our economy. Here is what he said on CNBC:

REPORTER: Wall Street's been pretty calm about this. The reaction, i would say generally speaking, has been washington fighting, Washington posturing. Is that the right way to look at it?

OBAMA: No. this time's different. i think they should be concerned... when you have a situation in which a faction is willing potentially to default on u.s. government obligations, then we are in trouble. and if they're willing to do it now, they'll be doing -- willing to do it later. one thing i often hear is, well, Mr. president, even if they're being unreasonable, why can't you just go ahead and do something that makes them happy now? i have to remind people --

Reporter: the constitutional option?

OBAMA: (ignoring the reporter) what i have to remind people is, what we're debating right now is keeping the government open for two months. We would then be going through this exact same thing in the middle of Christmas shopping season which i don't think many businesses would be interested in. We saw what happened in 2011 and then we'd have to go through it again six months from now and six months after that and one thing that i know the american people are tired of, and I have to assume the vast majority of businesses are tired of, is this constant governing from crisis to crisis.

So, we have a president who never meets with congress in a meaningful way, and he blames them for that.


Listen - the left who passed this law completely on their own - and who have not been willing to negotiate anything about, have given exemptions to selected people (unions, government employees, Congress, etc), and yet if there is anything the Republicans want to talk about - no way.

Now Mr. "My way or the highway" is now sabotaging the only thing in the economy he had working, the stock market, it is now down 5% from our all-time highs just a few months ago, and he is on TV again right now, doubling down on the economic fear-mongering.

Meanwhile - I have personally tried to get on the web site all day for two days - I managed to get signed up, wrote down my password & username, and when it came time to log in (It took two hours for that page to come up) it told me my username was not valid. It was supposed to send me a password reminder, and that never arrived.

That fallacy here is that Obamacare "works" - so far we don't know anything about it. I have NO idea what premiums will be made available to me. We DO know that so far Obamacare HAS caused a lot of people to lose health insurance under the pretense that businesses think they can stop covering their employees because they can go to an open exchange. (That is one thing the leftist media or Obama has never admitted) But I can't access the open exchange - I have been trying.
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