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Originally Posted by Moonlight Reader View Post
I am not even going to try to unpack everything you wrote, mostly because I stopped reading once you put in your very first nonfactual statement which I know to be wrong.

I know for a fact that Costco has made no changes, nor plans to, as a result of Obamacare, aka, the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Costco goes above and beyond when it comes to pay and benefits.

As for the Affordable Care act "working," the exchanges were put in place on October 1, 2013, given that this is *day 3* it is really hard to tell if they are "working" or not.
Yep, that's when I stopped reading too. Blatant lies.

"Under the new bill, which has considerably more encompassing coverage options, many businesses are discovering that the costs of subsidizing their employees are rapidly rising. For businesses that put their employees at the forefront, it hasn't been a big deal. Costco (NASDAQ: COST ) has long since put the health and well-being of its employees first, and Obamacare is merely an extension of the of same practices and standards it already has in place for full-time and part-time employees. Just last year, Costco announced a partnership with Aetna to create what's called Costco Personal Health Insurance -- essentially a way of getting personal insurance at cheaper prices than the current market rates. As you might have expected, Costco also allows spouses on its Personal Health Insurance plans. Obamacare aside, Costco deserves a pat on the back for its labor practices"
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