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Originally Posted by artuida View Post
apparently this is not true any company can carry a scooter, to your cabin, as long as this has complied with the regulations of the port, and there are many requirements
before speaking, first inform yourself

* if you think the rent is very expensive ..? YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IS THAT
Actually, you are incorrect. The regulations of the port has nothing to do with it! The port does not control who does business with a particular cruise line. The ship is a privately owned vessel and only those companies who have a contract with the cruise line can board the ship for the purpose of delivering special need items to a passenger's cabin.

If a company does not have a contract with that cruise line, they will not be permitted to board the ship and can only supply the item/s to the passenger at the pier.

Cruise lines are not just to let any company walk onboard their ships without a contract and proper credentials. Not only a safety issue or a liability issue, but it's also a security issue.

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