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Just one posting to complain.

But it's always 'buyer beware' anywhere you go and what happened to you can happen in any place around the world. So to say never going to Mexico again is a total disservice to the wonderful people of Mexico.

We've been there dozens of times and use to spend 2 to 3 weeks there every year on vacation when we lived in New Mexico and never had any problems. In fact, just the opposite; the people were wonderful, the food was awesome, the scuba diving amazing, the golf spectacular, and the overall experience was always incredible. Yes, there are places you don't want to go as you'll be looking for problems, but the same can be said about many cities in the U.S., including Washington, DC!

It's like I always tell people, going to Tijuana and saying it represents all of Mexico is about as fair as going to the worst part of Los Angeles and saying that represents all of the U.S.

Sorry you had a problem as I know it spoiled what was probably a wonderful cruise, but then again, you do have to take some responsibility for what happened. But to blame an entire country for one mishap in one store or to say you want to avoid an entire country for your experience in one place is totally unfair. And to join a forum for the sole purpose of posting one complaint is equally as unfair.

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