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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
This law is hurting middle class people. The poor will be taken care of with Medicaid. The rich will be able to afford any deductibles. The middle class is already having problems.

I agree something needed to be done, but this is as Demo. Backus said, "A train wreak."
The law can't hurt very many middle class people, because there are no longer very many middle class people.

I urge everyone to watch this video if you doubt it. . .and even if you don't. It is the most lucid and on-point chalk-talk I've seen in ages.

And Luanne, I hope that especially you will watch it, because it speaks directly to why your views work directly at odds with your self-interest. You will see why the people you support and vote for (e.g. Mittens Romney) make multi-millions, in large measure because of the tax breaks you champion, while the "middle class" that you advocate for so strongly has already virtually disappeared, and what there is of it already pays little or no tax.

It is also why those who claim that we are headed for some form of socialism or communism make me laugh so hard. Quite the opposite, to say the least.
The most dangerous man in society is the man who has nothing left to lose. -- Saul Bellow

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