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Good morning Robin, and all those to follow. It is a beautiful day here in Texas. The sun is shinning, and not a cloud in the sky. Tomorrow will be a different story. Our high temp will be in the morning, and will drop during the day.

I am trying to hold it together. Yesterday, I found out that my brother was stressed about his future treatment for his cancer. Josh was told he will soon be without a job, because he makes to much. I played the cheer leader as usual.

Jim took a group of wounded warriors out to hunt this morning. He will be gone all day, but what a joy it is that he is able to give someone a few minutes of joy. Anything killed will be donated to our local food bank to feed our soldier families.

I have a series of doctors appointments in the next week. It seems that the grief, and stress has effected my body.

No matter what, I am truly Blessed.

I hope all have a good day.

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