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Question Time are changing too much

There seems to be changes coming to Carnivals dining room and John Herald recently asked what do people prefer when it comes to seating. I was taken back at how many would prefer to sit only with their family or group.
I think that's just really sad, why are we becoming so disconnected from one another. To me sitting with a group of people I don't know adds to the whole cruise excitement and makes for great table conversation. Taking away this dynamic makes a cruise just a bunch of people on a boat. I would of loved to know the ages of people as well as their choice because I wonder if its has something to do with the generation.
What's your choice when it comes to dining? I'm not talking about Your Time Dining.

1. You would rather sit only with you family
2. You want to sit with a group of strangers
3. You don't really care

I'm really noticing a change in thinking in today younger adults.
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