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Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post
Charging cruisers for 2-4 extra days at sea to compensate for the poor choice of a far-North port location is indeed a ripoff when compared to alternatives.
My God you're beating a dead horse!!!
It's A Poor Choice IN YOUR MIND!!! That's YOUR opinion!

I'm the one spending my money and I think it's well worth it!!! Florida needs another cruise ship like NYC needs another taxi!!! As stated earlier in this thread they are doing this to make money. So if Breakaway & Quantum make money it's a GOOD CHOICE!

If someone does not want to sail out of NYC between January and March there are over 200 - 7 day cruises to choose from in Florida!!! Little under 50 on RCL. Plus shorter and longer cruises! In fact there are 1,127 cruises sailing from Florida over those 3 months! Including some of the nicest ships in the world! And you're whining about one ship!

As for having to fly in early because of the possibilty of poor conditions? Welcome to our world!!!! Most people from northern half the country try and fly in a day or two early during the winter because we are affraid we might not be able to get out!

And another thing for the record. I live in NJ, minutes from NYC. It only gets really cold in January. Sometimes December & February for short periods of time. There have been winters that have been exceptions. Now if you're from a warm climate then yes it may seem a little colder to you.

PS - 1yr 13 days till I go on Quantum's first cruise to the Caribbean !!!!
PPS - I was bored so I added smileys !

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