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Good morning everyone.

Yesterday was a stolen day. I missed most of it with a brain vacation. I was working in the front yard and had to ride it out there. Luckily I was dressed appropriately and had my drugs so it wasn't too bad. After that I was out for almost sixteen hours. I will say, other than being a bit stiff, I'm feeling great today.

Betty is off to her women's group meeting so that leaves me home to finish the yard work I started yesterday. It should only take about an hour and after that I am free to do all sorts of mayhem.

I'm glad to hear James is feeling a bit better.

Judy: I got to keep my knee cooler. I love that thing. It worked great when I broke my leg last summer. Hopefully it will now just stay in the basement for quite awhile.

I hope everyone has a great day. Oh yes: My Christmas present is supposed to arrive today. Oh boy! I'll be playing with that for a few days.

Take care,
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