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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
Dinner was delicious. There is a network within the crew. I happened to write Emelinda's
name on my sea pass so that I could spell it correctly on my comments card. When I purchased a watch the saleman commented that she was a very nice girl.

To add a little to the food story, a cruisemate from Maine was having breakfast on the last day and I mentioned that I saw he was having baked beans for breakfast. He said this was his last opportunity to have beans for breakfast because he never made beans for breakfast. It is always a great opportunity to experience new foods on ships.
Beans for breakfast are great, but not sure how popular it is lately. Years ago, it was a staple (I'm originally from Maine) on cold winter days. Then there's bean sandwiches, love em. Butter your bread, throw in hot beans to melt the butter, yum.
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