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Bruce, as you probably know I worked for Royal Viking in 1983 (a lux cruise line) but I had no idea that people tipped more in those days. I was not a tipped employee.

I really think Royal Caribbean needs to make auto-tipping the standard (maybe they have, but the last time I cruised with them you still had to request that tips get put onto your acct, and you had to do by the middle of the cruise or it was too late).

I can't state how much I do NOT enjoy having to find cash on the last day of the cruise (where do you go, the ATM, the casino, the front desk)- stuff it into envelopes and then hand that to my servers. To me it felt demeaning for the staff, but more important it was just a plain hassle.

I will gladly put my tips on my acct. Put them on the credit card, I get the free miles....

But having to pay $4 service fee to get cash from the ATM just to give the cash out in tips - no thanks.

I will sometimes give a special server a private tip in cash if they do an excellent job for me.
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