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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Here is what I think...

1) we still really only have the passengers side of the story. Why do I say this? Because outside of a court of law the cruise line would be crazy to say anything "negative" about the couple right now. It would only make them look worse. The cruise lines now know that in the current environment they can never win a PR battle - especially with people with medical challenges.

2) The cruise line talked to the woman's son before the husband returned, who said "My mom has dementia." They probably learned more than enough to justify putting them off the ship based on that talk. I do understand that dementia comes on stages and giving the husband the complete benefit of the doubt I could say "he didn't realize how badly she would react to not knowing where he was."

But on the other hand - if the son knew, and the cruise line talked to her and made their own determination (It does not take long to determine whether a dementia patient is at stage 1 or stage 10), they apparently decided the husband was very wrong to do what he did even one time - which means he is a "bad actor" and they didn't feel comfortable giving him a second chance.

Maybe he was hoping she might disappear on that cruise.

Also bad for the husband, in THIS country in such a situation there is a good chance the gov't will step in and mandate that he put her in a full-time care facility, that she cannot live at home anymore. Then he wouldn't be able to afford any more cruises. They may have done him a favor.

But the bottom line is that cruise lines are NOT adult baby sitters, even for people with dementia or Alzheimer. It is not their responsibility. He should not have made it their responsibility (which he admitted he did right in the interview).

Great points you make and as others have said we don't have the full story from the cruise line. This appears to be one of those cases which proves the old adage in the news media, "if it bleeds, it leads." I think Celebrity gave a good statement which doesn't explain the whole situation but gives their side to a point.

This was on Celebrity's facebook page.

"In response to the report on Today Tonight we sincerely believe we have done our best for Mr and Mrs Arnold. We were very concerned about Mrs Arnold’s wellbeing. She was found upset and disorientated. She was alone and she was travelling in a cabin with a balcony. Our medical team and our Care Team did everything they could to help Mrs Arnold. They could not reach Mr Arnold who was not on the ship. We transferred her to hospital and our Care Team followed up with Mr Arnold. We are providing a refund for the remainder of their holiday with us. We are sorry their cruise holiday ended this way but we believe we acted in the best interests of Mrs Arnold."

I think we all feel for these people as we have all gone through this, I did with my mother but we have to look at this from Celebrity's point also. They had to deal with the situation, bad press exploiting the story and they can't say a lot probably on advice of their attorneys.
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