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That is very cool, Marc.

I have had the privilege of giving away a free cruise back in our early days here, when cruise lines were more flush and the Internet was growing.

A couple of winners didn't believe they had actually won one. AND they were right to be skeptical. These 'free cruise scams" have been around for a long time. I remember "wining a contest" back in 1993, in fact I won it twice. What a coincidence?

In fact, it was one of those state fair things where you fill out a form for a chance to win a cruise. I got a phone call saying I had won the contest, and I believed them for about 5 minutes until they started asking me for my credit card just to "hold" the prize.

I hung up on them. Then two weeks later I got a call from a different person who told me I had just been picked as the winner of their cruise contest.

I said, "really, you just now picked me?" .... yup

"That's amazing," I says "what are the chances I would win two free cruises within two weeks?"
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