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(with the usual exceptions, yada yada yada)

I talk to the bar staff on cruises quite often. Just as on land, the bartenders have a good take on the people they are serving.

The ship's bartenders make very few mixed drinks (the expensive stuff) when working on the Australian cruises. The men tend to stick with beer - lots of it, almost constantly - and the women are wine drinkers. Thus the bartender's jobs are quite easy - popping tops, pulling corks, and making sure they have enough cases of beer on standby. Oh, and no self-respecting Aussie drinks Foster's. It is their equivalent of Old Milwaukee. I heard that more than once.

The innocent bystander hearing this story would think Celebrity rolled the woman off the ship and dumped their luggage in the bay, and when the husband showed up they hustled him off the pier with the bum's rush.

I'm now wondering if the husband has a problem accepting the reality of his wife's situation and is in a very pronounced stage of denial.
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