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Our pizza was definitely not cooked in an oven! Wish they would put those on a cruise ship - it's the only way to cook a good pizza. It was cooked on a rolling wire conveyor belt and took only about 5 minutes from making it to serving it. And yes, we always put parmesan cheese and olive oil on our pizza - picture was taken after we added those.

But I do admit this pizza was definitely better than the one I had on Disney! That one was made with a pre-made pizza crust, exactly like it came out of a Boboli pizza wrapper, and then heated up in a convection oven. Now that was a bad pizza!

I love good pizza. As the say, pizza is like sex; some are better than others, but I've never really had a bad one. Except of course the one on Disney!

What was funny is that on the final day, instead of going for breakfast on the ship prior to disembarkation, we all readily agreed we wanted to wait until we got off the ship and then find a good restaurant where we could enjoy a decent breakfast!

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