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River cruises are ridiculously over-priced for a single traveler, not bad if traveling with a companion, friend or room mate. This is what I seek!
Is there anyone out there who is interested to make a 7 day river cruise beginning from Copenhagen, returning to Stockholm, visa-verse. I prefer Estonia, Finland, Russia...Not England, this time
To make a new acquaintance is wonderful, a friend, marvelous. But, it is not necessary that we be best of friends or even hang out if this is your preference. You may have your privacy as well, your freedom to enjoy, should you desire spending all or part of your cruise apart other than our financial arrangement for accommodations.
I am easy to get along with, I do not snore, & have only 1.5 bad habits, I eat healthy and avoid smoke!
My desired trip time is May of 2014. If this is of particular interest to you, or to someone you may know, who is looking to cut the cost of traveling solo, please reply as soon as possible - Time is money

Bonn Voyage!

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