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let me see if I can explain this better Djretired. I have 33 days with Celebrity, but because 2 of those cruises were 12 days, and one of the 12 days cruises was in a suite, plus a 4 day in concierge we had 8 points select by the old system.

So when we booked this cruise by the old system we were 2 points shy of elite and since we booked a concierge 5 day we would have had it. but this new system- we have -

Feb. 2006-Celebrity Zenith 5 day oceanview-10 points
Sept 2007 Constellation 12 day balcony- 36-
June 2012 Solstice 12 day sky suite- 60-
Jan. 2013 Connstellation 4 day 12

total 128 points

-so you see they actually gave us MORE than 30 points
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