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1. what to pack ? I just don't want to over pack. remember baggage restictions and don't overpack. many ships are more casual now..comfy shoes for walking in port...what ship and itinerary are you sailing?

2. do they offer dance lessons which I need? Don't be surprised at how tiny the dance floors become chummy, real fast

3. what to look forward to with being on the first flight and a ocean cruise? Bring a tablet or an ipod to enjoy, as you cross the miles...your leg room might be a bit troublesome, but if it's a widebody, get up and walk aroundas much as you can.

Do some research to see what excursions interest you. Realize you will get lower prices then the ship, offers with vans and taxis in port doing the same options inmost cases..If you meet some new friends onboard, see if anybody wants to share the cost. Bring a hilighter and check off what interests you in the daily activities sheet, left in your cabin each willing to chat up strangers that will become pals during the cruise. Try new foods, you otherwise you might not try..on a cruise, it's easy. See as much of each port you can, and try local foods...make memories.

Make sure you purchase travel insurance, so very important!

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