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Congrats on your upcoming cruise,and, do book with a knowledgeable cruise travel agency, who can advise you along the way. Having been in a position of having to use our travel insurance, this is a must for any cruiser. Aside from the medical portion, you will have trip interruption and cancellation. This portion, read over carefully, so there will be no surprises if indeed you must cancel.....As an example, buying one that allows you to cancel for any reason, will cost you more.

If you ask 10 people on an airplane, you will get ten different prices for the cost of their airfair. I suggest you book the fare when you feel comfortable with the pricing, then forget about it...

As far as a hotel, unless you book through a Priceline type site, you can cancel, with no issue. Don't book through the cruise line, let the expertise of a ta, help you with making this process easier....

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