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Default Carnival Triumph Cruise Review 1/27 pg1

Carnival Triumph Cruise Review 1/27/2014

Just the Facts:
Ship: Carnival Triumph
Captain: Allesandro Iemmi
Cruise Director: Jen Baxter
Ports: Galveston-Progreso-Cozumel-Galveston

This is my 39th Carnival cruise, third time on the Triumph, and 85th cruise overall. I an cruising as a solo.

Sunday / Travel
Debarkation from the Carnival Sunshine was very easy so I was on the road from New Orleans to Texas by 8:30 and arrived in Alvin about 2:30 pm. It was a nice travel day, but another cold front is approaching due to arrive in Galveston just before sail away on Monday. I’m staying with cruise friends and enjoying some fast land based wifi. We had a great Tex-Mex dinner at Gringos with other cruise friends and after returning, I retired early. Thanks Guys.

Monday / Embarkation / Day 1
Lobby & Lobby Bar I awoke very early and took advantage of the fast internet, then had a light breakfast before leaving for Galveston at 9:45 am. I arrived at EZ Cruise Parking by 10:20 and was shuttled over to the ship straightaway. When I left my bag with a porter I asked for the VIFP/FTTF Priority tape. I was checked in at the VIFP priority check in area by 10:45 saw some friends straightaway and after a short wait we were escorted to the ship. The Platinum, Diamond, FTTF were all boarded together, but there was not a huge number of people, so it was smooth. I went straight to my cabin on deck eight and it was all ready for me. I dropped my bag and went to Lido for lunch before it got too busy. There is no Mongolian Grill on Triumph so I had a Reuben sandwich and a Tuna Salad sandwich from the Deli. After lunch I went to the lobby bar and had a diet coke and did some people watching as they boarded the ship. I did meet and visit with folks from the FB page roll call. I was also hoping to see the GS manager who I knew from previous cruises, but they are very busy with a credit card/sail&sign problem with a lot of guests…although mine is working just fine. To be honest I had my fingers crossed for a possible upgrade, but it wasn’t to be. I went back to my cabin to get my computer and my checked bag had already delivered, I know the VIP tape helps. I had received some messages from clients so I actually booked a couple of cruises from the lobby area as they were clearing it for the scheduled 3:45 Boat/Safety Drill. They allowed me to stay until I finished, I did kind of look official. Safety drill went smooth and very soon the Triumph was sailing from the port of Galveston on her way into the Gulf with the usual escort of dolphins. Since it was now very cool on deck it was off to the Alchemy Bar for my sail away drink. I was given a message from the Carnival Sunshine Alchemists to deliver to their Triumph Alchemist friends so it was a great conversation starter for me and my NEW friends at the Alchemy Bar. I returned to the cabin to unpack and prepared for dinner then returned to the Alchemy for an apéritif. The Welcome Show was scheduled for 7:30, but I had seen it previously so I listened to the Mickey Utley Band in the Casino until time for dinner in the Paris dining room. I have a nice eight top table in the center of the lower level, my favorite location and a Diamond friend and soon to be new friends at the table as well. For dinner I ordered a Shrimp Cocktail, Escargot, Gazpacho, the Chicken a la Grecque entree (grilled Chicken with Pasta), and NY Cheesecake and Black Forrest Gateau for dessert. Dinner was very good and the service was excellent, making up for the last night on the Sunshine two evenings ago. I went to the double headliner comedy show after dinner and both Charles Elstner and John Wesley Austin did their acts. The Hollywood Nights lounge is 3x the size of the Limelight on the Sunshine and it was packed. Following I popped into the Piano Bar with Michael next door and they were closing up, not many taking part there. Finally my now traditional Alchemy Bar nightcap: the Deal Closer before retiring. There was a very nice Gift Basket in the cabin when I arrived back…thanks Carnival, Jen, and John.

Tuesday / Fun day at Sea / Day 2
Carnival Triumph - Lido Buffett Very smooth seas overnight and good sleeping in the inside cabin, just enough movement for an enjoyable nights sleep. I was off to the Paris dining room for breakfast about 9:00 am. for the Sea Day Brunch and ordered the Fruit Plate and Steak & Eggs. After Breakfast I bought the Cheers Card at the lobby bar and visited with the Excursion Desk about the new price match guarantee on a tour to Uxmal. It’s a cool blustery day on deck so I had a cabin morning. I saw a friend at the Lobby Bar so I had lunch back in the Sea Day Brunch as they serve until 1:00 pm. This gave me a chance to try something completely different and I ordered the Hen alla Diavola a small whole Split Chicken in a Marinara Sauce. It was very different, but very good. Although overcast it began to warm up on deck so it was great for guests, but I watched an afternoon movie & listened to some music in the cabin. At 4:00 it was time for the Alchemy Bar opening and there is already a group of ‘regulars’ being established. I had the start time off on the production show Wonderful World so I thought I was going 15 minutes early and was actually 15 minutes late, but I had seen the show on a previous Triumph cruise. The show features the Carnival Triumph dancers and singers and highlights music from around the world. There were songs or dances from: France, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Africa, Spain and more. It is a fantastic show with full cast of singers and dancers and full LIVE orchestra. Elegant night dinner was good, I ordered: the Stuffed White Mushrooms, Farfalle Pasta with Turkey, Prime Rib, and the Cherries Jubilee for dessert. Other good options were: Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Alligator Fritters, Lobster Tail, or Pork Spare Ribs. Then it was to the Alchemy for a Deal Closer (or two) before turning in for the night. The Platinum gift was delivered tonight: a Carnival Logo Bag.

Wednesday / Progreso, Mexico / Day 3

Calm seas overnight and I slept very well not getting up and around until 9:00ish and went to the Lido deck and had an omelette from the omelette station with a side of bacon and ham. They do have the bacon police on the Triumph, at least in the section I was using. I then had a Bloody Mary from the Red Frog Rum Bar on Lido deck since I missed my MDR one. Guests were leaving the ship, but a large number were staying on board as was I. The weather was pleasant and I got a nice table on Lido deck aft and enjoyed the day. I took my small JBL speaker and had my own personal music and rediscovered that the aft pool bar also makes a very good Bloody Mary, the best on the ship in fact. A nice way to enjoy the day. I had a great view of passengers returning to the ship so before too many returned I made a trip to Guy’s for a plain Guy’s Burger with fries, a very good lunch. I also had a view of a weather front approaching and about the time we sailed at 4:00 pm we had a light rain. After some cabin time and cleaning up I went to the Alchemy Bar for a cocktail then to see I went up to the Variety Music with Jerry in the Lobby. He sang requests and has a very enjoyable show. It was now dinner time and this evening I ordered Gazpacho, Shrimp Cocktail, the Farfalle Pasta in Alfredo Sauce with Turkey, the Pork Steak in jerk sauce, and a Banana Split for dessert. The ship is really rolling tonight as we sail through that weather front and enter the Caribbean, I actually like it. Of course an Alchemy Bar nightcap: the Deal Closer, but had discovered a variation of it to make it more of a chocolate mint flavor (substitute creme de menthe for the amaretto). A nice relaxing day on the Carnival Triumph.
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