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Default Carnival Sunshine Review 19Jan14 pg2

Day Four--Wednesday--Montego Bay, Jamaica
Ray about to jump from the Secret Falls Again calm seas and a good nights sleep. Since it’s a port day the breakfast venues opened early and I went up to Havana Bar and had a wonderful omelette. Then down to the Lobby Bar for a Bloody Mary while waiting for us to complete our docking in MoBay. I’m joining a private tour today with 8 others to the Secret Falls. We found our tour operator, Liberty Tours, in the designated area and were soon on our way. Our driver was Ricardo and he did an excellent job keeping us informed and entertained. We made a stop at Discovery Bay, passed by Rose Hall, Dunn’s River Falls, and Ocho Rios on our way to the private property were the Secret Falls and Blue Hole are located. It was a very beautiful location where the river comes down from the mountains. We had two guides on the river and falls and they helped show you where to step as we climbed up and down the rocks and trails. There were several dive or jumping locations and then we passed through a small hole into the rocks below and behind the big waterfall. Amazing and I did fit (barely) through and then swam through the waterfall. We then went upriver enjoying smaller falls and swimming holes before given the opportunity to jump off the big waterfall. There were three brave souls in our group of Jamericans that made the big jump including myself. I admit it was a bit scary, but I’m glad I did it, not everyday you can jump from a waterfall. This was a big adventure for an old man. I do highly recommend water shoes. We then stopped at a group of souvenir and tourist shops before going to Scotchies for lunch. Our group of new friends and fellow adventurers enjoyed Jerk Chicken, Red Beans & Rice, and Festival. It was very good. We then began our long drive back to Mo-bay, but had to make a restroom stop at the Scotchies in Iron Bay so I got some jerk pork for the road. We got back just before sail away so we had a full day on the excursion After cleaning up it was soon time for an apéritif at the Alchemy Bar. Miro actually concocted a nice cherry flavored drink we called the Cherry Kiss, it is wonderful. Dinner was good, I ordered both the Tom Kai Guy and Potato Soup, the wonderful Bowtie Pasta with Turkey, the Beef Stroganoff entree, and Bitter & Blanc and Tiramisu for dessert. Ken noticed my soup comparison and said a new Soup chef had just come on board. The Tom Ka Gai was good, but different than before, the Potato soup was also good, but the pasta was by far he best dish tonight. Very long and tiring day today so I retired after dinner.

Day Five--Thursday--Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Carnival Sunshine from the Grand Cayman tender Another good nights sleep and calm Caribbean seas. We were already anchored off Grand Cayman when I awoke and tenders began about 7:00 am. Looks like a partly cloudy day today and my plan is to stay onboard. I went to the MDR for breakfast and ordered the Eggs Benedict, Potatoes, Bacon, Tomato juice, Bloody Mary, and Leche Caliente. It was very good. My leg muscles are very sore today after climbing up and down in the river yesterday so I hit the hot tub this morning and had a restful easy morning. I had the Mongolian Grill today for lunch as most guests are off the ship although the Guy’s Burgers makes the grill less busy than on ships that do not have a Guy’s. As usual a lot of senior crew was there as well...they know the place to eat on port days. This afternoon I worked on some projects until they delivered a tray of canapés to the cabin so I took a break to walk the deck...more guests have returned and taking advantage of the nice weather. We sailed about 3:45 pm and the VIFP party was held at 4:30 in the Liquid Lounge. Jamie Dee, the CD, makes the party exciting. I had a nice visit with new friends and with Butch who will be our CD next month. Afterward it was back to the cabin to get ready for our second Elegant Night. The feature entertainer tonight was Magician Bobby Borgia. I had cocktails at the Lobby Bar before dinner and then made the walk back to the Sunrise on my still sore legs. For dinner I ordered the Eggplant, Bing Cherry Soup, Escargot, Chateaubriand and Cheesecake for dessert. Most of the venues again had good entertainment scheduled, but I had a ‘Deal Closer’ at the Alchemy Bar as my nightcap and retired by 11:15. A fun lazy day.

Day Six--Friday--Cozumel, Mexico

Cornelius pouring a Martini Sampler A partly cloudy day as we approach Cozumel. We did not arrive until 10:00 am so I had plenty of time for a very nice relaxed breakfast in the Sunrise dining room. The Carnival Magic is docked next to us. I left the ship about 10:45 and headed to San Miguel by taxi ($8). I went to Woody’s Sports Bar owned by our friends Nelly and Pepe and used their Wifi for a couple of hours. Lunch there was very good, I had the Chicken Quesadillas. I visited the Farmacia and had a quick Mango/Banana Margarita at Wet Wendy’s before heading back to the ship about 3:30 pm. Just relaxing this afternoon and my balcony faces the Magic so I had a great view of their pier runners and her sailing away. Our late arrivals caught a bit of rain before we sailed a little after 5:00 pm. I had my special cocktail at the Alchemy and went to the production show: Studio VIP in the Liquid Lounge, it was very entertaining. Dinner was good tonight, I ordered the Creme of Mushroom Soup, Oysters Rockefeller, the Pasta, and the Filet Mignon & Short Rib combination. The beef dish is one of their better meat dishes IMHO. Ken sang again for us and the wait team did the song: What Did the Fox Say? New and very clever. Following dinner I had another ‘Deal Closer’ at the Alchemy Bar as my nightcap.

Day Seven--Saturday--at Sea
Will Marion in Sunshine Lobby It was rocky early in the night at sea, but I had a very good nights sleep. This morning I was updating email and making some bookings online with the final minutes I have left on my internet package (240 Minutes for $89.00 ($0.37/min)). I enjoyed a good breakfast at the Sea Day Brunch, I ordered the Steak & Eggs again and it was prepared very well. After brunch I reviewed my ship account, they have two kiosks that will print your statement for you and save a trip to Guest Services. Unfortunately they do not have an interactive TV system. The morning was very nice, sunny and calm until about 1:00 pm when we hit that cold front that had covered the states. Very soon it was a light rain and VERY windy. I did go and get a Guy’s Burger, but took it to the cabin to eat, too cool outside and the indoor spaces were quickly filling. After a bit of work in the cabin I went to the Lobby Bar in time to see a full musical set by Will Marion, who was originally to play in the Lido pool area. He had the place rockin’. Didn’t need an apertif this evening as I had some unique cocktails by the great Lobby Bar bartenders during Will’s show. The production Show was: Epic Rock, perhaps the best show of the week. Dinner was off to me and perhaps not noticed so much by others. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast on Fettuccine as starter and two entrees: Panko Crusted Jumbo Shrimp and Roasted Prime Rib of Beef, in that order, shrimp then followed by beef. The waiter gave my shrimp entree to the person on my left (who had ordered the Mac & Cheese) and gave me my Prime Rib. She had already started eating before she realized it wasn’t what she had ordered. We got through it, but when they remove the charger there was a large child's hand print gravy stain right in front of me. That’s not appealing. I also asked the cocktail server to bring two Drambuie’s for dessert, he did remember to come by and said, “would you like your Sambuca’s now?” I specifically reminded him that it was Drambuie I wanted. He of course still brought Sambuca and wanted me to settle for them. Of course the whole point is that it was January 25 the Scottish Bard Robert Burns’ birthday and you toast him as they do all over the world with a Scottish drink. Sambuca would not do. He did finally bring Drambuie. For dessert I had the Grand Manier Souffle. Following dinner I went to my favorite bar, The Alchemy, for two wonderful Deal Closers. I would have only had one, but when informed that I was one shy of the Cheers limit, I order the second just so I could say I did it once on the cruise. I had not come close on the previous six days. Since we are well into the Mississippi River I had wifi from my personal hotspot so checked some late email and arrange some items to pack for the following morning.

We arrived back in NOLA just very early. I was up early as I had not really started packing. I began to pack about 6:30 then went to Lido for my final omelette. They were calling self-debark guests by the time I made it back to the cabin so I finished packing and headed to deck three about 7:45 am. They had the casual inspection at Customs and I was soon to the elevator and at 4B my parking area and car by 8:20 am. There was a light mist so the indoor parking did come in very handy. I was soon on Interstate 10 heading to Texas and arrived at friends in Alvin about 2:30 pm to rest for my next adventure on the Triumph the following day.

Crew / Staff
I found the crew to be very good. I was able to meet many ships officers through the Diamond reception and VIFP party. The ship is in very capable hands. My cabin steward team was excellent, our MDR waiters were only adequate. The bartenders were all great. Bar servers very good. I especially enjoyed Ioana, Miro, & Cornelius in the Alchemy Bar. Ken Byrne is awesome as both singer and Matre’D. I enjoyed getting to know Caroline the GS Manager better, that’s a tough job. I look forward to seeing the crew again next month.

Food / Drink

I found the food overall to be very good. Soups were excellent. One new minor change in the MDR is that the bread is on your table and not served. The major change and a point I listed as 'needs improvement' in previous cruise is that the set dining is now located in the Sunrise Dining Room. Much better, thanks Ken and Carnival. I really didn’t get an opportunity to eat at all the many venues this trip, but I did get to most of my favorites. Very pleased with food quality as were all the guests that I spoke to during the week. I purchased the ‘Cheers’ program ($49.95 + 15% per day), but discovered that it can be purchased on 2nd day...I would do that if I get it again.


I had cabin 10115 a category 8S Spa Balcony on deck 10. It is decorated in the new Caribbean lighter colors that began with the Carnival Breeze roll out. Very nice and this is only one the two ships as of now that has the new colors. The cabin is the usual layout with sliding glass door at balcony, full couch, three closets (a bit smaller), nice table, bed stands with lamps (mentioned as these are going away in some new categories), push button safe, mini refrigerator, and stool at dresser/desk. It does have the premium spa items such as nicer branded bath towels, Serenity beach/deck towels, nicer Serenity plush robes, and spa toiletries. Only negative was that the set-back deck 11 balconies overlooked most of the balcony, so no privacy. A cabin further forward would eliminate that situation. I did enjoy the Spa location more than I thought I would usually be staying far aft on cruises.

Cruise Highlights

Jumping off a waterfall in Jamaica.
Alchemy Bar
Omelette Station & Mongolian Grill.
Lobby Bar
Special thanks to John Jenkins of Arkansas for some great Photos

Another Fantastic FUN Cruise!!
Ray McDonald / Snoozeman

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